BacTech's technology is commercially proven and scalable in a short period of time. The benefits and use cases are vast.



Our technology, bioleaching, uses naturally-occurring bacteria to neutralize toxic mining sites and allows for environmentally-friendly processing in the mining industry.


Bioleaching’s naturally-occurring bacteria are harmless to both humans and the environment. The concentrates and tailings we target contain ores and related materials contaminated by arsenic and other substances that are poisonous to humans and animals, as well as harmful to the local environment.

The sulphides in these tailings react (oxidize) with the atmosphere to create an acidic solution called acid rock drainage (“ARD”), which seeps into the surrounding area over time. BacTech’s bioleaching process can stabilize these toxins from minerals and prevent additional harmful ARD. The technology provides a “Garden of Eden” environment for the bacteria to thrive and multiply and permits them to achieve in 6 days what would normally take 20 years to occur naturally.

The tailings created by bioleaching are benign, and zero environmental damage occurs as a result of the process. An added bonus is its ability to recover valuable metals such as gold, silver, cobalt and nickel that remain in the tailings.


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BacTech has always protected its intellectual property through the application of process patents in countries where deemed necessary. Since bacteria are naturally occurring, we cannot apply for any protection on them as entities, but can apply for patents relating to their application. We will continue to advance our base metal bioleach technology and we will apply for patents as appropriate. However, we have found that the art of bioleaching is made up of 50% process patent and 50% know-how, which can only be acquired through a lengthy commercial track record.