TORONTO, ON – August 16, 2021 – BacTech Environmental Corporation (OTC:BCCEF), (CSE:BAC), (CNSX:BAC.CN) (“BacTech or the Company”), a commercially proven environmental technology company delivering effective and eco-friendly biomining and remediation solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Nadia Mykytczuk to its Strategic Advisory Board.

A seasoned research scientist focused on mine waste microbiology and the development of applications for bioleaching and bioremediation, Dr. Mykytczuk will work closely with the BacTech scientific team to help support pilot plant testing efforts in addition to exploring other novel uses of the Company’s technology.

“I’ve worked on collaborative research projects with BacTech for over 10 years and I am fully supportive of seeing its commercial applications for different types of sulphide ores amenable to bioleaching succeed and take shape around the world,” said Dr. Mykytczuk. “With the increasing demand for metals, we need to look at low grade materials like tailings as a viable source of mineral resources, and in the process, help clean up legacy issues that have long challenged the mining industry and communities. I am happy to be joining as an Advisory Committee Member and look forward to supporting the expansion of projects in Ecuador and elsewhere.”

“Adding Nadia to BacTech’s Advisory Committee is a great addition,” said Ross Orr, President and CEO of BacTech. “She is well-respected and highly connected throughout the mining industry, and already knows BacTech’s vision and technology well. I expect Nadia’s contributions will be both immediate and impactful.”

Dr. Nadia Mykytczuk is currently the interim CEO and President of MIRARCO in Sudbury, Canada, a leader in the development and deployment of innovative solutions responding to the needs of the mining industry. Regarded as one of Canada’s top experts in biomining and bioremediation, she has worked for 15 years in the field of mine waste microbiology and the development of applications for bioleaching and bioremediation. From 2016 to 2021, she held the role of Industrial Research Chair in Biomining, Bioremediation, and Science Communication at Laurentian University. Dr. Mykytczuk is a graduate of Laurentian University with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Adaptation to Environmental Stressors in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, and Carleton University with Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Science.

In consideration for the services to be provided by the Strategic Advisor, the Company has granted 200,000 stock options of the Company, exercisable for a period of five years at a market price of $0.15 per share. Dr. Mykytczuk joins Stevie Gamboa, a lawyer based in Guayaquil, Ecuador as a member of the Advisory Board.

About the Ponce Enriquez Bioleaching Project

BacTech is planning to build its new owner-operated bioleaching facility near Ponce Enriquez, Ecuador, in a region where arsenic is well-known to exist in the gold ore. The Company’s plan is to build a 50 tpd bioleach plant capable of treating high gold/arsenic concentrates. A 50 tpd plant, processing 1.5 ounces of gold per tonne of feed, similar to feeds available to the Company, would produce approximately 26,000 ounces per year. Plant designs are modular and can be expanded without affecting ongoing production.

BacTech continues to investigate the prospects of establishing additional modern mining operations across other areas of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Central America. Where possible, the Company will partner with national and local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and others to assist with the funding of these projects.

About BacTech Environmental Corporation

BacTech is a proven environmental technology company, delivering effective and eco-friendly biomining and remediation solutions to commercial operations to smartly process and recover preferred metals (gold, silver, cobalt, and copper) and safely remove and transform harmful contaminants like arsenic into benign EPA-approved products for landfill. Tapping into numerous environmental and economic advantages of its proprietary method of bioleaching, BacTech uses naturally occurring bacteria, harmless to both humans and the environment, to neutralize toxic mining sites with high-pay potential. BacTech is publicly traded on the CSE under the symbol “BAC” and on the OTC as “BCCEF”.