Colombia: Medellin


Opportunity Overview

BacTech is actively investigating a high-grade tailings project near Medellin, Colombia with Metaltec LLC. MetalTec, based in Naples, Florida, operates an alluvial mine in Colombia as well as brokering gold produced by small miners. BacTech and MetalTec LLC have agreed to conduct a third-party sampling program to get a better understanding of the grade as well as metal distribution in the tailings. Access to the country remains limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the Company intends to pursue this opportunity once it becomes safe and pandemic risks can be properly assessed and mitigated.

A second gold/silver tailings opportunity in Columbia has also now been identified. The common theme outside of gold/silver is arsenic – ideal for BacTech operations to take hold

Bioleaching Solution

Bioleaching is an effective technology for the processing of arsenopyrite minerals: not only does bioleaching release the gold for conventional recovery but it also produces a stable ferric arsenate or benign form of arsenic.

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