BacTech Mining Corporation a Finalist in “Clean 15” Canadian Cleantech Competition

August 4, 2009

BacTech Mining Corporation (BMC) was selected as one of the 15 finalists in a cleantech competition sponsored by Drayton Weissenfels Inc. in collaboration with Canadian Business Magazine and its strategic partners, and OCETA (Ontario Commercialization Network). OCETA recently partnered with Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to produce the 2009 “Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report”.

The goal of the competition was to “find the country’s best emerging green-tech companies” (Canadian Business, June 15, 2009), and BMC was one of fifteen finalists chosen from over 700 submissions. The Company was recognized for the application of its bioleaching technology to the remediation of polluted mine tailings.

Technology Eligibility for the Clean 15 Competition

1. Must be a clean technology that originated in Canada or a company incorporated in Canada with head office in Canada.

• Bioproducts and related technologies including agricultural technologies, bio-chemicals, bio-materials, industrial biotechnology and bioprocessing
• Clean or renewable energy generation including wind, solar, small hydro, biomass or biofuels, and plasma
• Energy efficiency, control or monitoring technologies as well as energy storage and infrastructure
• Environmental technologies including green building, waste management, and those that improve air, water or soil quality process abatement, remediation, water, wastewater and transportation

2. Must be actively seeking at least one of the following:

• Strategic alliances
• Capital
• Joint ventures
• Licensing opportunities
• Increased domestic deal flow
• Increased international presence

Click on this link to learn more about Clean 15 or go to The list of finalists can be found under “The Finalist” tab.

Green technology: Coming clean
By Joe Castaldo
Canadian Business, June 15, 2009